A BDRA Fundraiser to Kick Off Our New Haute Savon!

What is BDRA and what is Haute Savon you ask?  BDRA is the Blind Dog Rescue Alliance, and we have had several fundraisers for and with them in past years, so we thought is was time to do another one.  BDRA folks rescue blind or sight impaired doggies and find them forever homes.  One friend, Pat is her name, has two of these lovely “pups,” and she and her husband just adore their girls!

Now, what about Haute Savon?  Well, Haute means fashionably elegant and Savon means soap in French.  So, we are presenting our new Spring/Summer line of Haute Savon.  Look under the Haute Savon pull-down tab or the What’s New tab to check out our exciting new soaps and sundries.

Our labeling has been gradually changing as well, and some of our past products have been improved upon (hint, moisturisers).  We have added to our line of solid shampoos and solid conditioners will be added in double quick time (they will compliment the shampoo).  And speaking of shampoo and BDRA, we have an exclusive doggie bone-shaped solid shampoo bar just for the canine(s) in your life in the What’s New pulldown.

Here is a sampling of soap photos, and then I am off to the land of Winkin, Blinkin, and Nod!