Adventures in Juicing Complete!

Goodness, time does fly when you are having fun with a juicer!  The experiment has come to an end and the results VERY encouraging–plus several friends AND my very own husband David has been juicing–I am in a state of shock!  This is a man who does eat veg, but NOT to the extent of broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, or celery, let alone avocados!  I am so proud of him!

Last week I would make both our day’s worth of thickies and thinnies.  We would drink our electrolyte or ginger “shots” and our breakfast thickies together in the kitchen (broke down finally and added a cafe table and chairs for a breakfast nook–many thanks to Pat and Jennifer for helping me choose which set!), and then he would be away to his work with his thinny in a thermos.  He even got a co-worker to try a sip of one and he said it wasn’t half bad!  Amazing!

To conclude, I thought, even with the few hiccups I had over the four weeks, it was a smashing success.  I don’t have any health issues per se, however, I have been having hot flashes/night sweats since winter.  Acupuncture has helped ease them, but I haven’t had ANY since the juicing, and my acupuncturist has confirmed as she said hers have ceased as well since she started juicing!  Who would have thought?!  I have been sleeping much better as well, which is so wonderful as I often do not.  I have lost 15 pounds and 7.5 inches!

The question I have been asked is will I continue with juicing?  ABSOLUTELY!  Currently, I have a high quality whey protein shake for breakfast, a good lunch (grass-fed meats, salad, and/or steamed veg–I LOVE broccoli!), and a thickie for dinner.  I haven’t been hungry, am getting plenty of healthy raw fruits and veg, and have loads of energy!

So, what else has been going on, you ask?  Had our first festival last weekend (Strawberry in Ovid) and it was a great success.  Didn’t have the opportunity to use my new Square and I-Pad, but perhaps at the State Fair.  I am so excited about the State Fair as we have several new items that I think folks will just adore, and yes, we will start accepting credit cards–a bit scary, but necessary, as fewer folks are carrying cash these days (understandable).

My web master Kyle has given me a task of updating items in order that you may start soon ordering on line, and I am nearly done.  Still have a few photos to add, but God willing,  my task will be complete by this weekend, and Kyle will be able to complete his tasks soon thereafter.  There will be a search bar to ease the task of finding items, the photos of our products are much larger, so you will actually be able to SEE them, plus some other niceties.

And now, as I have been telling Kyle each morning the past few days, I have to ride my “pony” girls and then get to work on soap stuff!

May you all have an absolutely MARVELOUS day!