Adventures in Juicing

A VERY good morning to you all!

I know it has been a LONG while, our site has been down for reconstruction, and I have just been behind, behind, behind with all sorts.  However, my darling webmaster Kyle promises that the site with be ship-shape in Bristol fashion by 1 June!

I have been playing with new products (as well as new, larger photos), and cannot wait to share them with you!  Hopefully, we will be able to make it a little easier for you to order as well.

In the interim, I want to share my experiences in a new adventure I have embarked on.  Last week over breakfast at the Penn Yan Diner (fabulous–Sean’s poached eggs are THE best and Carrie’s coffee is ever ready and delish!), my friend told me she needed to reboot her internal system.  She needed to get off all the processed sugar and foods.  Poor dear started a job recently at a bakery, and goodness the sweet temptations are never ending!  The means she would use to reboot was by juicing, and I promptly piped up and said I would do it with her!  Well, that is what friends are for, right?!  I watched a couple of videos she recommended and promptly ordered the recipes, juicer, blender combo and started my Adventure in Juicing on Tuesday.  So, this is a 28 day adventure–a little scary, but exciting, and I would like to share.  Let me catch you up.

Day 1: Tuesday, 24 May

Started this morning with a ginger shot of a freshly juiced apple and a small piece of ginger.  Not too sure about it, but looking forward to the “thicky” and “thinny” as Jason (the fellow that made the film I watched and came up with the recipes) calls them.  Thicky was absolutely yummy–bright green in color due to the apple, broccoli, spinach, cucumber, pineapple, and avocado in it!  I liked it SO MUCH, I wanted to run a spatula around the glass to get every last drop, but restrained myself!  Thinny also a yummylicious magenta color because of the beet root, orange, and carrots.  Felt really great and looking forward to Day 2!

Day 2:  Wednesday, 25 May

Had a electrolyte “shot” which was celery and cucumber.  I am glad this was only a shot and NOT an entire glass full, but I could actually taste a slight salty taste, which wasn’t bad, a bit light and refreshing.  The thicky was an awesome magenta color because in addition to carrot, pineapple, apple, and celery, there was another beet root, AND avocado and banana to make it incredibly thick!  Now, the thinny was NOT really to my taste–spinach, kale, lime, broccoli (the apple and pear made it bearable).  For some reason, I was a little down (although my friend and I got together and went for a training walk–I brought Angus–that was an adventure in itself)!  By 4:00, I was wanting a pork chop braised in butter, wine, onions, a little tomato paste, and cream or at least the sauce.  Our Schwan delivery man said I should just juice the pork chop!  After David and I went to bed, I started talking about that pork chop again as well as hard boiled eggs.  I wasn’t hungry, but could just taste that lovely gravy in my brain–so sad!  Finally drifted off to sleep, with hopes that the new morning would bring fresh resolution.

So, here we are at Day 3!  Feel great, David took various measurements, so we will see what happens.  I have lost several pounds (we’ll talk about that later), and I know much is water weight, buy hey, we ARE about 70 percent water!  Friends have warned about diarrhea, but haven’t had that happen and another friend said it never happened to her when she juiced, which is encouraging.  I would think diarrhea was due to a PROBLEM, not a solution.  The ginger shot tasted much better today, but I don’t know why, and the thicky is every bit as yummy as Day One’s thicky.  This one has apples, lime, avocado, broccoli, cucumber, and zucchini.  The thinny has apples, fennel, celery, and ginger.  The carrots make it a lovely orange hue, and its taste is also mouthwateringly mouthwatering!

This morning's "thicky"  Cheers!
This morning’s “thicky”–Cheers!

Now, must let the doggies out, get a horse girl ready for a lesson and make a batch or two of soap!  Stay tuned for more adventures in juicing and bring your friends!