All Things Purple for Mum’s Day

I am inside watching it drip, drip, drip (yet again) outside, so I thought we would play a little game!  Mother’s Day is the 14th, and as promised, we have LOADS of items for your best gal and they are purple!  If you purchase a bundle of four or more of our Savon du Mois, save 10 percent with MOTHERSDAY at checkout.

So the game is for me to use as many synonyms for that color between red and blue!  We’ve divided our stash by fragrance, but you can mix and match.

Our first scent is lilac, and to kick it off we have Lilac Blossom soap with a base of palest pink and swirls of green and, what do you think–lilac ($5 each)?!  How about our Rose Petal Soaps with petals in blush, white, and aubergine (box of 50 for $10)?  To top it off, our new sugar scrub with all the moisture-rich oils of

Lilac Blossom Soap, Lilac Rose Petal Soap, Lilac Sugar Scrub

our old scrub, just not the mess!  Grape jojoba beads and sugar make for great exfoliation and Shea butter soaks into your skin to make it silky soft and smooth!  A four-ounce jar is $10.

Lavender is our second perfume in the form of Lavender Castile in solid amethyst and Lavender Oatmeal Castile soaps with swirls of damson in a cream base ($5 each).  Lavender Rose Petal soaps make a great potpourri for a room, bureau, or closet ($10), or how about giving mum a real spa experience with our Lavender Facial Clay made with kaolin and Brazilian clays as well as Argan and avocado oils.  This clay is especially made for those with normal or dry skin.   An eight-ounce jar is $15.

Lavender Rose Petal soaps, Lavender Facial Clay, Lavender Oatmeal Castile soap, Lavender Castile soap



To round out our royal treatment of mom, we also have Violet Rose Petal Soaps, Hyacinth Rose Petal Soaps, Dead Sea Mud Complexion soap, and our Cocoa Butter Lotion in one of our two May bouquets*.  Mix and match or have us make up a basket** for your favorite lady!

Find these Mother’s Day yummies under the Savon du Mois category of our pull down menu!



*$1 for added scent.                                                                  **$15 additional fee for basket.