Another New Soap of the Week!

I did it yet again–late with the showcase soap.  I guess I should get up at midnight to make sure it gets up in time!  Nevertheless, I hope you will like this week’s newest addition.  A rose petal soap just for the holidays–Cranberry Wreath!  I wish you could just smell it, and this IS a limited edition.  Red rose petals interspersed with green rose leaves (photo below).  Our rose petal soaps are silk leaves and petals that I have hand-dipped in soap and fragrance.  They look wonderful presented in a dish or bowl (I always thought a lovely cut crystal would be especially charming).  These soaps can double as a potpourri and be used as single hand washes!  We also have a few  petals in Winter Solstice (blue and white petals with the scent of pine trees); Christmas Spice (red and white petals infused with cinnamon); and Candy Cane in its traditional white and red peppermint colors!  Enjoy one or all!



Cranberry Wreath Rose Petal Soaps--cranberry with a little citrus zest combined with a warm woodsy scent--Deck the Halls!
Cranberry Wreath Rose Petal Soaps–cranberry with a little citrus zest combined with a warm woodsy scent–Deck the Halls!