BDRA Fundraiser Begins Today

Good Monday morning!

I hope you all had a blessed Resurrection Sunday or Passover last week.  They don’t often coincide, so it’s nice when they do!

Spring is most definitely here to stay I believe.  Our daffi-don-dillies and narcissus have not started to bloom yet here in the Guyanoga Valley, but their green sprigs have sprung up nearly overnight!  Really looking forward to some flowers in the yard.

And speaking of yards, with temperatures forecasted to rise into the 60s and 70s this week, I have no excuse NOT to start setting up our raised bed gardens.  For those of you who are interested in gardening, we’ll be posting some photos of these and our (mine really!) much longed for home renovations, which should begin shortly.  I always enjoy looking at home renovations, either in person or on-line.  If you are like me, I hope you will enjoy some of our photos that we will be posting.  This is a very long-term project, so we will be posting for several YEARS I am sure!

We are hosting our THIRD Blind Dog Rescue Alliance (BDRA) fundraiser starting today, and it will continue through the end of April.  We will be donating 25 percent of all   proceeds to this very worthwhile endeavor.  BDRA helps with finding and placing sight-impaired and blind dogs with loving adoptive people.

We have plenty of soaps in stock (I knew there was a reason for all the extreme cold weather this winter–plenty of soap making time!), as well as our moisturizers, and great gift ideas for up-coming Mother’s and Father’s Day (never too early to start thinking about what you are getting Mum and Dad)!

Blessings to you all and let’s make this a banner fundraiser!