BDRA Fundraiser Still Going Strong and to Celebrate . . . .

Dare I say it?  Happy Tax Day!  For those of you having to pay, I am SO VERY SORRY!  For those of you receiving a refund–CONGRATULATIONS!  Celebrate, but please do so wisely.  We have reason to celebrate at Morning Mist Farms.  Not only is the Blind Dog Rescue Fundraiser going well (just exceeded the $200 mark), but we also just finished making a limited quantity of a very cute soap, we call English Tea Rose.  It comes with either golden or pink roses that are sprinkled in glitter.  What fun!  And the soap reminds me of those wonderfully fragrant hybrid tea roses my dear mother was so deft at growing.  Check out the photo below.  A great gift for Mother’s Day or just to celebrate Spring!  Many blessings to you!  Lorraine