Blind Dog Rescue Alliance Fundraiser a Success!

I really should have made this announcement more than a week ago, but with several crafts shows to attend, I let the announcement get away from me.  Shame on me, but let me announce that we were able to raise $200 for the Blind Dog Rescue Alliance during our fundraiser!  I wish to thank all those who participated.  If it were not for you, our fundraiser would not have been a success.  So indeed, thank you all so very much!

In other news, we have had our fourth snowfall thus far this winter season:  one in October, right before Thanksgiving, the first weekend this month, and then again yesterday!  I don’t mind the snow, it’s the bitter temperatures (single and teens) expected later this week–yuck!

As Harry Selfridge would say, there are only 13 shopping days until Christmas.  We still have a ready supply of all our soaps available.  So be sure to check them out!

For the new year, we are starting something new–limited edition soaps and sundries focussed specifically on the particular month’s theme.  We still have golden champagne bath bombs available for New Year’s, but the holiday for lover’s is just around the corner, and naturally everyone speaks Gaelic in March!  You get the idea.

Until then, adieu and blessings,