Day Four of Adventures in Juicing

A very good evening to you all.  I first wish to apologize to those friends who have tried to see things on our site, but are unable to as we are down for renovations (like our home)!  God willing, we will be back to business as usual (and better) by the first of June.

That said, I would like to send a very warm hello to Brian!  I spoke with your dear Mum this afternoon, and I am sorry to hear about your painful foot.  Hope it gets better soon, and I will be praying for you regarding the big test you are taking next week!  Can’t wait to see you both in August!

Now about my adventure in juicing.  Wasn’t feeling so spiffy at the end of Day 3, so went to bed early.  Today, (Day 4), I felt great!  Made a Thicky with among other veg, pineapple, apple, banana, asparagus, and mixed berries!  I chose raspberries and blackberries–super yum.  I asked my acupuncturist if she wanted to try it, and she politely declined, but is eager to see how the 28 days work out.  If all goes well, she said she may wish to try it, too.  Made a lunch date with another friend, and worried a bit about annoying the restaurant, but they were great, and she a nice salad (with blue cheese–I LOVE blue cheese!)  My friend was concerned about eating in front of me, but I assured her that I was eating lunch as well, it was just in a bottle!  I asked her if she wanted to try it, but she said she just couldn’t drink anything GREEN in color!

So, here I am typing away at 8:15 pm, not feeling like I have to munch on anything, and I finished my second Thicky at 6.  I DID add some sunflower and pumpkin seeds to my drink, but only a tablespoon.  My teeth were feeling neglected, and they wanted some exercise.

Oh, I DID want to mention one thing to those of you who may want to juice for an extended period of time like my friend Vivian and I are.  She and I are both healthy individuals, we USUALLY eat pretty healthily, exercise regularly, and have no serious health issues.  If any of you are thinking of pursuing a juicing adventure of your own, please research carefully, and be sure to get the okay from your GP or regular physician.  If they don’t get warm and fuzzy to the idea, help educate them.  I highly recommend Jason Vale (I am on his 28-day plan) or Joe Cross (equally as good).

Have a great night!