Days 8 and 9 in Adventures in Juicing

Hi there,

Day 8: Just to let you know yesterday seemed a total breeze. Drank all my juices with the exception of not being hungry AT ALL, and skipped THICKY number two. Slept well, which is often the exception rather than the rule. So that area seems to be improving.

Day 9: Oh oh! Had a real hiccup today. Walked, TWICE, which was good, but should have had my ginger shot and made my juices BEFORE meeting up with my fellow juicing friend Viv. My fault, but I just didn’t have the appetite and therefore, never followed through. RATHER, I had a handful of almonds (although good nuts), but then followed that with a bit of cheese, which is definitely NOT juicable! NO, I do NOT consider myself a failure. I drank a nice glass of water mixed with Bragg’s apple cider vinegar, am about to sling a little horse manure, feed our “pony” girls, go for a ride, and get back on track first thing in the morning (I like to finish “eating” or juicing outside of three hours before bedtime). I will chalk this experience as an adventure in partial fasting!

So, with nine days down, there are still 19 days to go, and with God’s strength (and Vivian) encouraging me, I will steer the course! Until the ‘morrow.