Due to Extremely Snowy Conditions, BDRA Fundraiser is Extended!

A very snowy morning to you all,

With all the snow, cold, and wind (so much so, that church was even cancelled for this morning!), I thought it would be nice to extend our fundraiser one more day (midnight, tonight).

Might not look like much, but it’s just from overnight!

Now, I know my friends in Illinois are getting quite a bit more, but when you have finished snowblowing, shoveling, making those lovely snowmen, it’s time for a snuggle in bed with a great read like Jane Austen or perusing soaps and sundries online, maybe even for early Valentine’s Day gift giving!

Below are some more fun products (I think soap should always be fun) to catch your eye!

Amethyst Quartz and all these fashionably elegant soaps have real Mulberry silk for extra luxury!
Espresso Love for the coffee lover!
Orange cranberry

Stay safe and warm.