Rochester Museum of Science Center 50th Anniversary Holiday Bazaar


18/11/2022 - 20/11/2022    
9:30 am - 5:00 pm

I was so pleased to be personally invited to participate in this juried Bazaar back in 2019, but due to unforeseen occurrences (yes, we all know what I mean), have had to wait until this year to actually participate.  Anyway, looking forward to being back indoors for three days from Friday, 18 November (from 5-9 pm, Saturday 9:30-5) through Sunday, 20 November (11- 4).  I will be located in space number 360 in Building Number 1 of the Museum located at 657 East Avenue, Rochester, NY (my first Rochester event)!  If you like hand-crafted paintings, jewelry, fiber arts, sculpture, woodwork, and more, I know you will LOVE this show!  You may wonder “why would your soaps be allowed in an art show?!”  Well, it seems many folks find (and I was just as surprised originally) that many of our soaps are mini works of functional art!!  Cool beans!  Just a note, I will have a special helper manning our “booth” on Saturday, but this lovely person is VERY nice and knows all about our soaps and sundries!