Festival Season is Underway

After being fickle with her temperatures, spring has departed and summer has arrived to the Finger Lakes. With that in mind, Festival season is underway, and flowers and fruits have been on my mind for creative cupcake soaps.

Not, just cupcakes, but I am reintroducing cakes this season after being on hiatus for some time. Soap cookies are here, too. They are fun to use as decorations, as well as wash with and last surprisingly longer than their thin size might suggest.

Other pastry soaps include, tarts, soapsicles, macarons, and ice cream cones.

I do hope this whets your appetite for the perfect soap–a beautiful hand-held work of art that not only smells lovely, but is a dream to wash with!

If you are in the neighborhood, please come out for some shopping, or visit me at a festival. They are listed below.

Wishing you a wonderful summer with nourishing rain during the week and sunshiny weekends!