Final Hours of Blind Dog Rescue Alliance Fundraiser!

Good afternoon all!

Our Blind Dog Rescue Alliance Fundraiser has been going full speed ahead.  In honor of our last few hours (you have until midnight tonight to place an order), we have yet another artisan soap to present!

This soap, which I call “espresso love”  is made with saponified olive, coconut, and palm oils, as well as coffee butter, which has THE best coffee fragrance.  We added a little extra coffee fragrance and a little gold to to make the soap pop!

Espresso love


A big thank you to all who have participated in the fundraiser thus far, but it isn’t over just yet!

Although, he isn’t sight-impaired or blind, I have to share a photo of our little bundle of love, Angus.  We just celebrated his first birthday before Thanksgiving.  He IS still very much a puppy and can be willfully disobedient, but we love him so very much!

LORD bless you all!


How cute am I!?
How cute am I!?