FINALLY, we are up and running again ☺️ (and sadly 😢 we are NOT at the New York State Fair)!

Our poor web designer has just been beside himself of late, but he and we think everything is up to snuff on our site FINALLY! We sincerely apologize and thank all those who persevered, phoned in your orders and put up with my chatter! I love it when folks call though, as it is a perfect opportunity to get to know you better!

Inventory has been updated, and still have a few items (haute savon/fashionably elegant soaps) to add (a couple have been shy about getting their photo taken, but we’ll get them on pronto)!

We have been so thrilled to be participating in festivals again this year and are proud to say, we won another first in our category at the Canandaigua Music and Art Festival held in July and even endured the torrential rain the second day. Many thanks to the organizers, we were in a TERRIFIC spot and expect to be in front of the Unique Toy Store again next year.

Check out the events (small and large) we will be participating in over the next few months including AppleUmpkin, Letchworth Arts & Crafts Festival (to be held for the first time in Perry’s town square), Ontario Produce Craft Show, and Gorham Craft Show (we like supporting the small shows because over time they could grow to be quite large)!

Sadly, due to the closure of several agricultural buildings, including our dear Witter Agricultural Museum, we once again are not at the State Fair with our soap making demonstrations. Here’s to hoping 2022 will see the entire fairgrounds open. I, like many of you dear folks, will miss seeing the dairy and beef cows, the lamas, alpacas, sheep, goats, chickens, geese, ducks, and those beloved bunnies (especially the Norwegian Dwarf variety–SOOOOO CUTE!)

We also have a unique item that will be making its appearance known on our site as well as the festivals/shows, but SHUSH, it’s a secret at this moment. More details to come in the days ahead!

Until then, we wish you all a very blessed remainder of your summer!