Happy Father’s Day!

photo-5To all of you dads, papas, fathers, daddies, and sirs, I would just like to wish you a VERY HAPPY DAY! My own Daddy was the apple of my eye, and he blessed me nearly every day of my life growing up. I am sorry to say his passing was far sooner than it should have been. I AM happy to say, that he knew I adored him and the feeling was mutual–I love you Daddy!

My beloved husband of my youth is a GREAT dad! Although never blessed with children of the human persuasion, his care and affection of all our pets and farm animals is a joy to behold. I always love it when he talks with the turkeys, picks up our pet chicken Harper 7, and gives our Daddy-besotted dog Eithne Louise her morning cuddles in bed! Hubby is rather shy, so here’s a pic of the next best thing to air for him, besides our Heavenly Father and me!

God bless you _Dassault-Falcon-7X-1Daddies!