Happy First Day of Spring?!🌸

Good morning all!

I know the calendar says this is the first day of Spring, but here in the Guyanoga Valley of the Finger Lakes region of New York, it sure doesn’t feel or even look like Spring is anywhere nearby!  I even told David, I thought this was one of the crankiest March’s I have witnessed since moving here twenty years ago.  Perhaps I simply have a short memory.  Praise God the sun is shining–that always brings a smile to my face.

Whist I have been waiting for Spring to arrive, I have been sketching ideas for new Haute Savon soaps for Spring and Summer, and after coming up with many, many thoughts (and new techniques), I have settled on several without going overboard, which I tend to do!  You may remember, I mentioned that we are settling on new limited edition seasonal, rather than monthly items.  But I am VERY excited at the prospect of presenting them to you!

Throughout my search for new soap ideas, I have also come across some incredible ways for improving my work area.  I still overflow into our kitchen, so hopefully these concepts will maximize the room’s efficiency, as well as make it aesthetically pleasing.  Right now, it’s rather boring, but I am excited to implement these refinements in the coming days and weeks.  The key is to make this space more than just a WORK room, but an area for creativity and design as well as work.  I can’t wait!

While the room improvements are being carried out by yours truly, the new soaps will be coming about, too.  And no, we haven’t let our general use soaps go by the wayside.  They, and our laundry soaps, form the backbone of our shop.  We have just been paring down and livening up.

So stay tuned, and be on the look out for those first buds of Spring!