Happy Mother’s Day!

No, of course, you didn’t miss the day honoring the wonderful woman who birthed you, wiped away your tears, saved all your school art work, and encouraged your passions!  However, Mother’s Day IS just around the corner (12 May).

I realize I have been rather silent recently, but only because I have been busily designing, creating, and rather upping our game here at Morning Mist Farms Soaps & Sundries.  We are moving ahead with some redesigning to fashion a more patisserie atmosphere to some of our new products.  So, without further adieu here are two of our newest gift ideas for Mother’s Day (YES, she IS worth it), in the form of our new gift boxes.  These exquisite boxes are sturdy, reusable as, say a jewelry box, and make an elegant gift for Mom.

Our medium box contains a collection of new large bath bombs.  These are not for little girls, au contraire, these bath bombs have sophisticated scents of famous perfumes and varied complex fragrances like salted caramel.  Nine large delicately tinted, and intoxicatingly scented bath bombs in a personalized “Mother’s Day” box for $55.

Our second Mother’s Day gift box is a packet of assorted new mini items:  four medium sized bath bombs, four mini body butters, and eight mini cupcake soaps, all lovingly packaged in a larger version of our elegant new gift boxes and scented especially for grown-up girls!  Sixteen mini assortments for $52.

But, we didn’t stop with the new gift boxes, our newest pastry-styled soaps are listed under “what’s new.”

I hope our newest soaps have been worth the wait.  I know I am terribly excited about them, and they have been very well received by all who saw them at this past weekend’s hospital charity craft fair, where may I say, we won first place in the personal products category!  My first!

Enjoy perusing, and may I say to all my lovely customers, I am so grateful and blessed by your patronage!

God bless you and all my new customers!