Happy New Year!

Here in Upstate New York, we are only twelve hours into 2015.  My intention was to quietly greet the new year, but to no avail.  David and I have had a hectic week, which centered around the death of his mother.  Jane Britt Jackson went to be with her LORD on Sunday, 21 December.  We arrived in Mississippi Christmas night and returned two days ago.  Funerals are always difficult for those of us left behind, but it was wonderful to see and chat with extended family and friends who gathered together to remember mom.   Mom loved her LORD, took wonderful care of her family, and always opened her door to those in need.  Though I didn’t always express it properly, it was a privilege being her daughter-in-law.  Now, she and Dad (who preceded Mom four years ago on Christmas Day) are joyfully praising God!  We are looking forward to being with you both again–Hallelujah!

WHERE are the PDA police?!  Love you Mom and Dad!
WHERE ARE the PDA police when you need them?!       Love you Mom and Dad!

My special joy was to visit with my cousin Dawn and her husband Cully’s most recent addition to their family–son number four, Toby!  His brothers and three sisters love him to pieces and take turns carrying him about, though he rather scoot off on his own adventures.  His mama informed me that he started walking (running more like it) at nine months, so he has been keeping the family pretty busy for the last two!  I was especially honored to be informed by his six-year-old brother Nate that I could hold him, which was indeed a special treat!

Soapily, we have been coming up with some exciting new ideas for soaps and after taking year-end inventory, will be making our first batch of the year this evening.  This must be what Santa’s elves feel like, and that’s me a five-foot-six soap elf!

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have enjoyed our livestock and soap products.  Many of you have suggested new soaps or even made special orders that have turned into favorites.  Without YOU, we wouldn’t be.  Many, MANY thanks!

Blessings to you all for a wonderfully sanctified New Year!