Happy Waitangi Day ??

As it is already 6 February for my friends in Australia, I wish their neighbors to the slightly south and east in New Zealand and to all New Zealand expats around the world, a very Happy Waitingi Day??!

We have entered February, and of course, the biggest holiday celebrated this month is Valentine’s Day!  With that said, here are a few fun facts regarding the romantic holiday.  Valentine’s Day is a Christian liturgical feast day celebrating St. Valentine.  According to legend, Valentine was persecuted and jailed for being a Christian during the reign of Emperor Claudius II of Rome.  Valentine was said to have healed his jailer’s blind daughter, and sent her a letter signing it “your Valentine”  the day before he was executed.

Valentine and romantic love first became associated with each other amongst Geoffrey Chaucer’s circle of associates (courtly love was in its heyday during the fourteenth century).  By the eighteenth century, English lovers showed their affection by giving flowers, sweeties, and sending hand-made cards known as valentines.  Europeans often gave St. Valentine’s keys to symbolize the giver’s love and an invitation to unlock their heart (how romantic, n’est pas?!) Our Savon du Mois (“soap of the month” for those who don’t read French!) are three fun, romantic, and calorie-free soaps that are perfect for the lovebird in all of us!

First, is our very romantic Rose Gold Soap.  A bar soap with opalescent swirls of white and pink micas topped with a feathered bas relief in rose-gold, black, and gold.  The scent of pink baby roses emanates from this delightful soap.  A charming four-ounce bar $8.00.

And speaking of roses, pink roses are a classic.  They are the most common colored rose found in the wild, were the first color cultivated, and the most popular to send for Valentine’s Day.  So, it’s only natural that this month’s soaps have pink themes.  Pink roses were grown nearly 5,000 years ago in China’s Imperial rose gardens and the Victorians were besotted with them, decorating everything from wallpaper to cards.  Nowadays, we pride ourselves in cultivating varying shades of pink that express appreciation, gratitude, thanks, gentleness, admiration, congratulations, and cheer!

Our second soap is a hefty five-ounce bar, also in swirls of medium pink and white.  This soap is topped with iridescent sparkles of mica and pink sea salt—to symbolize the love stone or rose quartz.  The foundation perfume is rose woven with wisps of bergamot, jasmine, and sandalwood.  Rose Quartz Soap $10 a bar.


What girl doesn’t enjoy a box of chocolates for Valentine’s day?  However, the distress of all those calories can often put a damper on the occasion.  Why not put a little amusement in your Valentine’s gift with a box of calorie-free Butter Mint Soap Truffles!?

These are not edible mind you, but “chocolate,” white, and pink truffles topped with coordinating “glazes” and pink sea salt with a sniff of cocoa crowned with mint!   A candy box of four guest-sized “truffles” is $10.00

Remember, if you make a bundle purchase of all three items, we’ll take 10 percent off.  Just use the code AMOUR at check out.

Enjoy the remainder of your day!