If You Give Us a Ring . . .

Good Sunday afternoon! A delightful conversation yesterday with a new soap customer has encouraged me to make the following announcement. Ron mentioned he had rung several times to no avail. It was a blessing that he did not give up and decided rather to leave a message with his phone number. When I returned his call, I told him that due to many calls from telemarketers, I indeed screen calls before answering the phone. As our farm is also a working farm, I am often outside, well–working, and am unable to pick up. But I told him, and I tell you, that I will indeed return calls if you will be so kind as to leave a message and a contact number. If I am IN the house (yes, I make our soap in our kitchen!) and you ring, I WILL pick up once I hear you talking. Please do not think me rude, I want to speak to YOU rather than a myriad of telemarketers and charities.

On a lighter note, we were at the Strawberry Festival in Ovid last Saturday, and it was awesome! They resurrected having a 5-k race after a seven year hiatus (I drove up just as the last runners were approaching the finish). I don’t know who she was, but THE best encourager was on the sidelines just cheering her heart out. I know those runners were pumped by her enthusiasm! Loads of people at the Festival, saw old acquaintances and met and spoke with many new people. It was a super Strawberry Day!

NEXT weekend we will be at the Lodi Historical Society (just down the road apiece from Ovid). So, come do come out Saturday, the fifth of July from 10-3 (I will tell you all about my soap and my little doggy girl Eithne Louise (it’s her birthday that day)!

Until then, I wish you many blessings,