I’m Back and Happy Autumn!

Those of you who have been following our posts (like my favorite fan Brian), have probably wondered if I had fallen off the face of our big blue planet.  The answer is “no,” but I most definitely have “gone dark” over the past five months.  Much has happened, and although circumstances have ultimately been going in a very good direction, it certainly has been a bumpy ride getting there.

For those of you who don’t know, my darling hubby David and I live in a farmhouse that was built in 1859.  I asked him if we could just finish our upstairs renovation (rather than simply “start” it), and he gave me the go-ahead–yea, right!?  Oh, have I learned valuable lessons:  one, if you HAVE a home equity line of credit, pay it off most definitely, but for goodness sake don’t close it out (never know when you may want to use it again!) and two, don’t gut your house BEFORE you get the money!

However, after several months, rejections, great lessons in patience (have I learned any LORD? –maybe a little!), and becoming versed in the art of selling my project, we  were approved by a great bank (one that likes to work with farmers–God bless them)!

For those of you who like to see other folks’ building projects, I would like to share mine.  We are not completed yet, but it is coming right along.  To bring you up-to-date, I will be posting photos each day of the progress (don’t worry, not ALL of them!), as well as touting the amazing talents of those fine men that have been making our renovation a success!

Haven’t forgotten about soaps and such and will be letting you know of changes and the new items we have and plans for new things, too (I am SOOOO excited!!)

Until tomorrow!

Many blessings,