Is it REALLY Spring?!

Good evening folks!

If you are a regular reader of our posts, you probably think I fell off the face of this Big Blue Marble!  But no, I have been hibernating like Flower the skunk from Bambi.  Our winter here in Upstate New York has been particularly, shall we say, robust!  With nearly three months of temperatures hovering at zero or in the teens during the day, the high activity was to do chores, build a fire in the boiler, and make soap.  Doesn’t seem like much, but when it is so cold, it seems to take most of the day just to get the basics accomplished.  Then there were days I just didn’t get the soap made, and well the last few weeks have been spent playing catch up.  But I finally got caught up yesterday and I am back on track!  We have a new soap room, and it is already filled to the brim!  The room I originally targeted will have to ultimately be the designated area, but that’s a little ways in the future.

In the meantime, we will be participating in the Genesee County Craft and Gift Expo on Saturday, 11 April, at the Clarion Hotel and Palm Island Indoor Water Park located on Park Road in Batavia.  The show runs from 10 to 5.  If you are one to shop early, check out some lovely things we have for Mother’s and Father’s Day.  We will also have some fun soaps for the little ones!

As I am not the best practical joker, I will leave tomorrow to the experts!  Have a wonderful April 1 and remember April showers bring those May flowers!  Now that I am thawed out, I will have regular posts–stay tuned!