It’s Our Start of the Holiday Season!

I have never been fond of Christmas displays at the end of summer. However, as it is now officially autumn with leaves turning their stunning colors, the air getting crisper, the days getting shorter, and who knows–God’s magical, never identical snowflakes may make an appearance any day–NOW, is the time to think of the holidays (in my humble opinion, mind you).

I was reminded of His incredibly exquisite creation whilst on my daily walk. Descending one of our rather steep roads, I gazed on colorful autumn trees, fields planted in winter wheat, and just an hour later, the most amazing harvest moon rose in all her majesty into the dusky sky only to coyly hide behind a patch of clouds. I also realized this year, and perhaps since I started creating cupcake soaps, that I have been taking my inspiration, not only from REAL cupcake and cake creations by some of the most incredibly talented pastry chefs, but also from God’s fruits and flowers.

I hope you will enjoy our newest line of cupcakes and the reintroduction of our cakes. They have been such fun to make. This summer, I also introduced ice cream soaps, which I hope you will enjoy and yes, the entire object is made from soap!

I DO wish to apologize for the delay regarding the whole shipping palaver! However, please don’t hesitate to ring in your order. As one customer just recently stated, “It was easy peasy to ring Lorraine, place my order, and a short time later she rang back with a total” (it takes me a bit to calculate the shipping charges). So, please do not lose heart, and I would and do love, love, love to hear from my long-time, as well as new customers.

May you be showered with joy and blessings this holiday season, look upon the beauty of this big blue marble, and may it bring a smile to your lips!