It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Hi everyone,

I don’t know if it’s because we had an early snowstorm this year or because I have been having such a great time making some really nifty Christmasy soaps, but I am SOOOOO in the Christmas spirit.  I haven’t decorated in years, but a dear friend  gave me several Santas and small lighted trees (many many thanks Lori and your mum), there’s another tree on the second floor (thanks to the Peppermint Forest Christmas Shop of Charlotte, NC), wreaths, and our beloved nativity has its figurines making their appearance as it gets closer to our LORD’s birthday.

I haven’t sung so many Christmas carols (who knows the Boar’s Head in Hand Bear I?!) in a very long time!  I even read Dickens’ A Christmas Carol a week or so ago. If you only watch the movie, the version starring Alastair Sims is THE one to watch, but you should definitely read the book, too!  Fabulous!

Perhaps the Ghost of Christmas Present has invited me to “Come in, and know me better man!”  Regardless, I am full of it AND Christmas and now I would really like to share our newest soaps with you!

I just love the Twelve Days of Christmas carol and the clever version by Straight No Chaser is terrific, but thought wouldn’t it be great to be able to send my True Love all those gifts for Christmas?  Well, if one follows the song exactly, that’s 364 gifts!  One could start either a bird sanctuary or use them to feed all those maids, ladies, lords, pipers, and drummers!🙃  And what is the cost for all those birds etc?  If one bought all those gifts today, it would be a whopping $39,094.93 (not sure if that is before sales tax or not!)

The real bargain of all the items are the milking maids ($58) and do we get five gold rings or five golden pheasants that have gold rings around their lovely necks?  And just what are calling birds?  Turns out that is an Americanization of the English collie birds, which are actually crows that caw, caw, cawwwwwly I suppose!

Needless to say, I so love this carol  that I thought it would be fun to make the Twelve Days of Christmas Cupcake Soaps.  So, you can still give your True Love the song’s inspired gifts, but with a fun twist, and no need to clean up after all those creatures and people tromping about, AND ours take up much less space!

We have a very limited number of these cupcake soaps, but you can purchase them individually or the entire set of twelve for just $10 each.  Some are whimsical, others elegant, but all are just plain fun, beautifully scented, and with Mulberry silk, the lather is quite luxuriant!

When choosing these soaps, select the number you desire and indicate the “day(s)/theme” in the special instructions space at checkout.

I hope you are all in the Christmas spirit of love, peace, and joy!  It’s not about shopping until you drop and are overwhelmed in January, but rather peace on earth, good will towards your fellow man!

May God shower His bountiful blessings upon you!