July is Red, White, and Blue Month!

Independence Day is nearly upon us, and I for one, will count my blessings every day this month to be a citizen of the United States of America.  Yes, indeed, we see strife, disagreements, hot tempers, injustices, and the negative list can go on, but truly I (and I don’t claim to write/speak for anyone but myself) wouldn’t desire to live anywhere else in the world but here.

Apparently my relatives agreed with that sentiment as a great great grandparent, great grandparents, and grandfather traveled across the Atlantic from various European nations, leaving family and the life they had known, to come to an unknown land to start a new life.

It wasn’t easy for them, many had to learn a new language, face prejudice, and work very hard, but I am so grateful that they did.  I am here because they ventured into the unknown and became Americans, and because of them, I was born an American.  Although they are all passed, I thank them for allowing me to be born and brought up in a nation where I have the freedom of education, career, where to live, faith, and what to think.  I know it’s not perfect, but it’s where I am thankful to be, and I do thank God that I live here in the United States.

To celebrate our fight for independence, we have some jolly whimsical items to share with you.

Our first item is all about exfoliation and silky smooth skin, and it’s in red, white, and blue–of course.  Our Sugar Scrub Cubes are a combination of soap, grape seed oil, and sugar, that are great to use in the tub or shower. Single use cubes smooth your skin and leave behind the silkiest skin ever! They are a summery blueberry scent and come in a package of six for just $5.00

Our following two items are what we call “foody” soaps–in the form of Stars and Stripes popsicle soaps!  Our Stripes come in red, white, and blue (perfect also for Bastille Day) and our Stars pops have red, white, and blue stars in a clear base.  Both Soapsicles are in summer strawberry scent.  Stars pops are $7.00 each and Stripes are $5.00