Just Seven Shopping Days ‘Til Christmas!

Did you know it was Harry Gordon Selfridge, who worked his way up through Marshall Fields in Chicago and then opened his own amazing store in London in 1909, who coined the phrase, “so many shopping days until Christmas?!”  It was, indeed and you have one more week to make those last minute gift selections.

We still have many wonderful little stocking stuffers, and would be delighted to make up a gift basket of goodies for you.  Please peruse our website, give us a call, drop us a line, or if you are in the neighborhood stop by to “sniff and fondle the soaps!,” but please ring us to make sure we will be home.

The weather this soon-to-be winter is so much milder than last winter and personally, I am not disappointed.  It IS easier to get around when the ground is frozen, rather than a large bucket of mud though!  I am certain that will soon change.

Despite all the merry shopping, concerts, parties, and such, please remember why there is a Christmas season in the first place–it is the celebration of God coming down to earth to be amongst His creation in the form of a baby–our LORD Jesus Christ.  He came to endure all that we endure–pain, sorrow, persecution, temptations, all without sin and then took all our sin upon Himself on the cross.  Won’t you give yourself as a gift to Him?  Jesus never promised life would be rosy in the garden by given your life to Him, but you will never know any greater joy!

Blessings to you all!