Just Three Hours to Shop for the Benefit of WASR!

Our first Western Australian Shepherd Rescue Fundraiser is about to come to a close, but if you haven’t placed your order yet, you still have until 11:59 Eastern time to do so and help this worthy cause!

I would like to make special mention of one fine lady who shopped for the benefit of Koa–many thank you’s Lisa!

Whether you have an Australian Shepherd or just love dogs, like David and I (we have two adorable muts who are the king and queen of our hearts), please help us raise funds for this noble dog rescue.  Unfortunately, many people see and purchase a cute puppy (aren’t they all?!) without really doing their homework as to why sort of care a particular breed requires.  The Australian Shepherd is a working dog and is not meant to be a couch potato!  Sometimes an error in judgement is made and these dear ones are the victims of that poor judgement through no fault of their own and need new homes.  You can help with your purchase, as Morning Mist Farms will donate 25 percent of all our proceeds to WASR during this fundraiser.

And to tempt those last minute shoppers, check out the bubble gum soap and truffle soaps (which make great party favors and–thinking ahead–stocking stuffers!)

from top left: chipotle caramel, pumpkin pie, gingerbread (oops forgot the little man on top), and apple pie–remember, these are SOAPS!















Have a great evening!