Let’s Celebrate Valentine’s Day!😍

We are celebrating the month of love ❤️ with some new products and a midwinter sale!

First things first, all our autumn and winter soaps are half off this week.  Just check out the sale category and at check out use the coupon code MIDWINTER50.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we have a 🤴and 👸 of ❤️‘s Cupcake Soaps.  King of Hearts is scented in a distinguished bourboned tobacco, and our Queen of Hearts has a regal fragrance of rose quartz.                                                                        





For fun in the tub, our newest Bath Fizzies come in either Rose Quartz scent (to compliment our Queen of Hearts cupcake) or Lavender Vanilla.






You may have also noticed that we have made a few changes to our categories.  Hubby David agrees less is more, so we have reduced the number of categories and put all our regular bar soaps under “general use.”  Children’s soaps, soap petals/leaves, and sisal items are under “Sundries.”  Most of our clients seem to like the mini fizzies far and above the single large and medium-sized, so we are bringing back some of the popular fragrances in mini size.

Lastly, we have discontinued our “soap of the month” or “Savon du Mois” and substituted it with a “Haute Savon” category, which sounds so more trés chic than “artisan soaps!” That’s MY goofy sense of humor (think haute couture for clothes and haute cuisine for food).  So why not haute savon for really hot artisan soaps!

So, rather than feeling gloomy during the bleak midwinter, celebrate that Spring is nearly here!