Our Farm

Morning Mist Farms is located in the Guyanoga Valley off Keuka Lake in western New York State. We have been raising livestock for nearly a decade and making cold-processed soaps for nearly that long. Our intent has always been to raise healthy, content, and well-mannered animals. We also raise our livestock and use farming methods that utilize a somewhat “old-style” methodology. We use our Belgian draft horse to work the farm on most occasions, and we use their very special gifts to fertilize our fields!

Though many of our animals are ultimately for the dinner table, we treat them with kindness. Our animals are not stressed as those on industrial farms, where the conditions may be confined and overcrowded. We believe contented, healthy animals provide healthier food whether it be eggs, milk, or meat. We hope you do, too! All of our products are locally grown and have a wonderful flavor that you cannot find in commercially grown food.

Grass-fed beef, poultry, and eggs can help provide you and your family a more healthful, safe, and local diet. Grass is what cows were meant to eat and those grass-fed cows are virtually risk-free from disease, such as Mad Cow. Grass-fed beef, poultry, and eggs are much lower in saturated fat, higher in brain-essential omega-3 fatty acids, and cancer-fighting beta carotene. Grass-fed beef is high in the antioxidant conjugated linoleic acid, and grass-grazing chickens produce eggs with one-third the cholesterol of commercial eggs.

If you are interested in seeing for yourself how we raise our animals, please feel free to come by. We love visitors and would be happy to introduce you to our furry and feathered family! We welcome you to come by to see and sniff our many varieties of soaps and related bath products.

Thank you and God bless!
David and Lorraine Jackson