Our Poultry

We have a growing flock of various heritage breed laying hens, which include speckled sussex, black australorpes, buff orpingtons and cuckoo marans. Chickens lay according to day length, so eggs are available from April to October, after which we give our girls a well-deserved rest by not using artificial lights over the winter months. This also maintains their natural laying cycle and supports seasonal food availability. Eggs are $3.00 per dozen.

We raise a slower growing meat bird throughout the late spring and summer months. Our broilers, “Freedom Rangers” were originally developed in France in the 1960s and are ideally suited for being raised on pasture. Our birds reach an average mature weight of five pounds in twelve to fourteen weeks. Pre-orders are always welcome. These succulent birds are sold whole at $3.00 per pound. Dressed birds must be picked up the day of processing from the farm. If unable to pick up on the scheduled day, a $1.00 per bird charge will be added for freezing.

Turkeys are new to Morning Mist Farms. We chose the Naragansett breed, which descends from crosses made between native wild turkeys and domestic turkeys brought to America by the colonists from England and Europe. Our birds readily graze on grass and insects, as well as supplemental feed. Naragansetts have a quiet temperment, good maternal capabilities (for future babies we hope), and great taste (we hope you concur). Typical weight for hens is 14 pounds and 23 pounds for toms. Turkeys are $3.50 per pound.


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