Our Website is Back Up and Better Than Ever!

Good evening all!

If you have been trying to visit and look for things on our website, you know it has been down for repairs.  Actually, it has been completely renovated by an extraordinary gentleman named Kyle.  Now, you can shop and place an order on-line!

We are still only accepting checks or money orders, but you won’t have to call for shipping, as it is all calculated automatically.  Yes, we are finally creeping into the twenty-first century!

We still have a couple of things to work through, a few photos to put up, and some new types of soaps and related items will be showcased.  I am very, VERY excited at the prospect.  I know my dear friend Brian is reading this (congrats again!), so please tell your family and friends!  Below are a couple of items you will be able to see and purchase at the Great New York State Fair if you are able to attend, and they will be available in our on-line store after that.

This soap was as much fun to make as it is to look at and smells oh so yummy!
This soap was as much fun to make as it is to look at and smells oh so yummy!
Caramel Drizzle cupcake fizzies
David thinks these smell so good that he told me to move them or he might take a bite!

So, today has been one awesome day for me.  Not only is our website up and better than ever, but after a six-month wait, our walk-in closet “guts” arrived and they are just lovely!  Now, all of David’s and my clothes will soon be in one room rather than four different places in the house AND in the barn!  What a great way to celebrate tomorrow, as the first day of July way back in 1998, was the day we moved into our 1859 farmhouse, which is becoming more lovely by the year!  Our LORD has been so abundantly gracious to us, and we praise Him!

Looking forward to giving you future updates of where we will be and soaps (of course).  In the meantime, have a wonderful evening!