Over Two Hundred Dollars Donated to Western Australian Shepherd Rescue!

Everyone’s soap order has been shipped and when all was said and done, we were able to make several soap-ordering folks very happy, and were thrilled to donate $250 to Western Australian Shepherd Rescue (WASR)!

Although we, ourselves, do not have a sight-impaired doggie or an Australian Shepherd, several of the associates of both WASR and Blind Dog Rescue Alliance have become long-time clients and friends.  It is both an honor and privilege to help raise funds or these two organizations as they do so much to match needy canines with loving, forever homes.

 One participant, Lisa, sent me her “pup’s” photo.  This is KOA, “the strong and brave.”  What a darling!

I hope if you are reading this and you would like to add a furry canine to your family, that you would consider adopting a puppy or grown dog that is in need of a FOREVER loving home life. Purebreds are fantastic, I had German-line Shepherds growing up, but a mix/mutt/mongrel/tramp/Heinz 57 variety–whatever you wish to call them (most of those terms sound a bit demeaning, don’t they?), seem to be unpretentious packages of love.  Ours have all been free of ailments (but we are truly blessed) that many purebreds seem to have and have been long-lived (15 and 12 years) bar two (auto accident and colic).  Eithne Louise is now nine and Angus Ian Sean is soon to be three.  They are unique individuals and like human children can at times drive one to distraction (plus it’s a real effort to keep them off our bed at night [Angus especially is the world’s snuggliest snuggle bunny!]), but we love them dearly and would not trade them for anything!

Wishing you a very blessed day!