Presenting Angus Ian Tobias Sean Jackson!

What an absolutely glorious day!  Temperatures in the high 50s, loads of sunshine, and David and I have been blessed with the sweetest little darling of a puppy.  As you can see from this week’s post, he has a rather lengthy name, but we call him Angus (unless he is naughty)!

His transport from Memphis came through Geneva (about 20 miles from our home) at 3:00 a.m. Monday morning.  It was about 9 below zero, and those poor dear drivers had no heat in the cab of the truck they were driving!  By the time we got him home and returned bed, with our new baby, it was about 4.  Needless to say, it took about two days to recover from lack of sleep!  The weather certainly didn’t help as it was freezing cold Monday, and then we had every kind of weather Tuesday–rain, sleet, snow, pellets, repeat!

Angus sleeps through the night, but we and he are still trying to get the going  potty outside routine down.  At first it was “Are you kidding me?  It is absolutely freezing out here even with a polar fleece!”  Today’s warm temperatures allowed us to spend more time outside with both doggies, and Angus made great progress, but then WE got a little less than watchful, and ooops! we had a couple of accidents.  Praise the LORD for linoleum and wood floors that can be easily mopped up!

So here he is, our little Valentine named Angus!  He is very smart, a total cuddle bunny, and he has already captured our hearts!  Big sister Eithne Louise is warming up to him as are the kitties.

Angus Ian in the middle of a yawn!
Angus Ian in the middle of a yawn!

May you all have a blessed Sunday!