Show the Man in Your Life How Much You Appreciate Him on Father’s Day and Every Day!

According to the National Retail Federation, Americans spend 41 percent more on Mother’s Day than Father’s Day.  Now, I am NOT here to denigrate moms by any means, after all my mom gave birth to me, loved me, read to me each night, and showed me how to make Great Aunt Josephine’s German Christmas cookies!

But Dad’s and men in general this day and age seem to be getting the short end of the stick.  Too often men seem to be the brunt of every joke in the media, and as a woman, a wife, and a daughter, I am not amused, but rather ashamed.  While I am sure many men would not admit it, they are sensitive to this sort of treatment.  I also wonder, how is this hurting our boys who are trying to grow up to be men that we can be proud of?  A wise woman once said, men are simple (uncomplicated) creatures, they just want to be respected, appreciated, supported, and loved.

So I have had to look at myself and am still learning to treat my husband with respect, to thank him for going to work, mowing the lawn, and even taking the horses into the pasture.  He is my knight in shining armor, I try to be his number one fan, and I am truly interested in how and what he is doing, and I tell and show him how much I love him (in a myriad of ways).

Now, buying presents does not make up for how you treat your dad or the man in your life, but if you do, try to be a little more original than socks, underwear, or a tie.  And that’s where we come in!  One of our clients (another chap by the name of David), inquired as to whether we thought about making shaving cream and expanding our men’s products.  That was late last year, and with a lot of research and testing, we would like to unveil our gentlemen’s line of soaps and sundries.  Yes, there is even a new category in the pull-down menu called, you guessed it–Gentlemen.

We have focussed our products around our three “men’s” scents of Bay Rum, Kununurra, and Lord Southwick.  The corresponding bar soaps and shaving soaps have been moved to the new category, and we are happy to introduce our shaving creme in a large 8-ounce and 2-ounce size, which is perfect for the man on the go and fits very nicely in a Dopp kit–named after Charles Doppelt, who make his first leather toiletries kit in 1919!  They both come in all three scents, as well as unscented ($12 and $4 respectively).  Glycerine, Coconut and Hemp Seed oils, and Kaoline Clay will allow your razor to glide over your face for a very close shave. Our illustrious tester David was bowled over when he got 21 shaves from the travel size!

WOW! Here are our bar soaps, shaving soaps, after-shave balm, shaving creme, and shaving brushes!

Whether your man uses shaving soap or our new creme, he should have a proper shaving brush, and we have completely dispensed with synthetic bristles.  Now, we have REAL and affordable badger, boar, or horse hair–yes, horse hair!   ($30, $20, and $25 respectively).

Also, new to the line is a refreshing After-Shave Balm loaded with Aloe and moisturizing Argan oil to soothe and moisturize after his shave.  Available in all three scents and unscented ($11).

And for the pogonophile in your life, we now have an unscented Beard Grooming Oil  with a combination of coconut, sweet almond, argan, and jojoba oils that will make his skin soft, decrease fine lines, and give his beard a well-groomed sheen.  A four-ounce bottle is $13.

So be kind to that special gentleman in your life, even if it’s YOU!  And wish your special fellow(s) a Happy Father’s Day not just on the 17th, but every day!  PSSST!  Purchase any four products from the Gentlemen’s category and get 10 percent off by typing in DADSMYHERO at checkout!

Blessings to you!


One more note and this is a sad one, our credit card capabilities are little ill yet again, so if you wish to pay by credit card, please call us at 315.536.0539.  We love to chat with our customers, and DO please leave a message if we are not in.  We WILL ring you right back!  Sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you!