Showcase Soap and Just Three Days Remaining of BDRA Fundraiser

A very good morning to you!  Our fundraiser began a bit sleepily, but has been picking up some speed over the past few days!  With that in mind, you still have until 11:59 p.m. Wednesday, 19 November to get your orders in and help those wonderful, selfless volunteers at Blind Dog Rescue Alliance.  These folks rescue and find permanent homes for these dear loving creatures who need a human to take care of them and shower the love on them that they so desperately crave and deserve!  If you are interested in more than just helping with a fundraiser, perhaps you would like to adopt a dog.  If so please visit their Facebook page or their website at  Thank you!

Now for the final showcase soap of the week.  All of the showcase soaps are fun, but this one is great for the children in your life or the child in you or your friends!  It’s soap crayons!  Five 2-ounce “crayons” in five colors and five mouthwatering scents:  Bubble Poppin’ Pink (or Bubble Blowin’ Blue), Grape Pop Purple, Watermelon Red, Monkey Farts Yellow, and Tart Apple Green!   The soaps come in an organza bag for $10.00.

The kids won't want to get out of the tub with these!
The kids won’t want to get out of the tub with these!

Have a BLESSED and SAFE day (weather is really snarky here in Upstate NY!)  Lorraine