Sorry, I Was Late With This Week’s Showcase Soap

Good morning,

Please forgive my tardiness with this week’s peek at our newest soap.  Had a terrible fall–chasing our turkeys out of the road, yet again (is Thanksgiving here yet?!)  Don’t get me wrong, I adore our dear birds, but they really are some of the most dim witted creatures I have ever had the pleasure and vexation of knowing!  They are SO sociable, they must think it’s very charming of them to greet all, whether it is in our driveway, the conservation club next door, our two neighbors ACROSS the road, or even the passing motorists!

As I was exercising my mare in the ring adjacent to the road, there they were, all twelve of them, and of course they couldn’t  be bothered to stay close to the fence line–no indeed!  They had to toddle along the edge of the road!  By the time I got done riding my girl and put her back in her stall, the dastardly dozen were across the road at my neighbors.  I was beside myself with frustration, and as I ran into the culvert to chase them back across to our place, I fell in the grass and heard and felt an agonizing “pop” in my left seat bone.  Feel much better this morning, but looking forward (maybe) to seeing the chiropractor in the morning.  If I hadn’t said it before, there is never a DULL moment on our farm!

Now, let me share the “soap of the week.”  It is the Autumn Fanfare that I mentioned a few posts back.  Autumn Fanfare is a vegetable soap (made with palm, coconut, and olive oils) that resembles a slice of cake (complete with frosting)!  It has an orange clove fragrance and comes in Autumn’s delightful colors of red, yellow, orange, and green.  Leaves and acorns decorate the top!  These soaps are generously cut and are $10 each.

Autumn Fanfare--yum!
Autumn Fanfare–yum!

Enjoy your day, and count your blessings,