Spring Seems to be Staying for a While!

Hi all,

The thrill of Spring seems to have arrived at last. Yesterday was over 70 degrees for the first time since last year and it’s forecast to be in the 80s today. One can almost watch the grass growing in the yard! After a somewhat late start to soap making, we are nearly done with our projected requirements. Good thing, too, as gardens will need planting, training for foot races has had a bit of a slow start, and there are two lovely mares that are also “eager” for training and competition!

We will be at the Ovid Strawberry Festival in June and have a few new things to introduce there. So, if you are wanting parades, the most delicious strawberry sundaes, crafts, honey, and, of course our soaps–come join us for Ovid’s 30th Annual Strawberry Festival and Craft Show, Saturday, 21 June from 10-3.

Also wishing all you wonderful ladies who are Mums (including my own Dear who is praising Jesus’ name in Heaven now) a most lovely shining Mother’s Day. In deference to the woman who initiated this holiday, children, rather than BUYING your mother gifts, why not spend the day with her, give her breakfast in bed, do all the things for her that she does for you, give her a call, or write her a long, hand-written letter telling her how much she means to you!

Many blessings for an enjoyable day!