My daughter sent me a travel shaving soap in the Bay Rum scent and I love it!  I shave with my grandfather’s straight razor, my father’s double-edge razor, as well as disposable razors.  This shaving soap is excellent–I get no irritation, no pull, or razor burn.  I like it so much I ordered two more in The Lord Southwick and the Kununurra!           -Ron   Queens, NY

They (order) came.  I love everything!  Everyone else who ordered has so many positive things to say about the products also.  I will definitely be ordering again!      -Peggy    Tennessee

I LOVE your Dead Sea Mud Complexion Soap!

                                                                                 –Steve    Bath, NY

My dogs and I are fans of your soaps!


The Honey Goatmilk works well on Psoriasis


Your soap lasts a long time.  Five bars lasted almost a year!

                                                        -Jerry and Michelle

Love your Grandmother’s Laundry Soap.  I’m working on at least my THIRD bar!

                                                        –Debbie F.  Oswego, NY 

The scent lasts and lasts!


Your laundry soap is phenomenal.  It gets out everything!


Now about your shaving soap…. I’ve been “wet shaving” for about three years and have used a few different handmade and commercial shaving soaps. As with anything handmade, I don’t expect the same performance as a commercial product. Your bay rum shaving soap is the exception. I have never used a better shaving soap! It lathers in no time at all and keeps its lather on my face. The scent is pleasant and my skin is in good shape after the shave.                – Michael    DeWitt, NY

I can’t say enough wonderful things about your soaps.  I gave a friend who was going camping this summer my bar of Bug Away soap and she swears it kept her and her family bug bite free.  And your bath bombs are just that – ‘da bomb!!!!                                        – Betsy    Illinois