The Absentee Soap Maker Has Resurfaced

Good evening all.  Yes, I have been absent for far too long.  I could tell you sad tales of being exhausted from the State Fair, being chief, cook, and bottle washer of this enterprise, our website going AWOL and its updates wreaking havoc, and the need to maintain my regular household/farm, but I will refrain. Rather, I will tell you that I have FINALLY put all our lovely new products that were previewed at the great New York State Fair, as well as new items that honor the honey farmers and their bees, apple harvests of October, Autumn’s brilliant leaf changes, November’s Thanksgiving signature squash—the pumpkin, and December’s delight of snow, fir trees, and gift giving!   Golly, if any of you are at all familiar with the Apostle Paul’s knack for run-on, and on, and on sentences, I think I may have just given him a jog for his money.  Although, the above was hardly inspirational.

I shan’t tell you about the above, nor provide photos, but rather encourage you to peruse our site, especially the following categories: Artisan Soaps, Bath Bombs and Fizzies, Soap Leaves and Petals, and Specialty Soaps and Sundries.

With the addition of our Savon du Mois, I have been extremely under the gun to put out new and exciting soaps, and it has been a steep learning curve.  But, with that said, there will be a few changes, for the better I believe, in the foreseeable future.

In closing, we woke up to our first light dusting of snow yesterday morning, which was pretty exciting and a little surprising, as it poured down rain only a few hours previous.  I so enjoy all the seasons, and this Autumn has provided many surprises in addition to its kitschy pageant of color.

I hope you enjoy all the new items and darn, I really wish there was something called smellevision, but until there is, you will have to use your imagination!