The Countdown Begins–Thirteen Shipping Days ‘Til Christmas!

What does that mean?  My shipper tells me that it means customers have until 16 December to get their packages by Christmas (on the West Coast).  So if you are those shoppers who are procrastinators (guilty!!), don’t wait too long or your gift recipients will receive New Year’s Day presents!  Of course, you may desire that.

In other news, Morning Mist Farms will be participating in two final and local craft shows this month.  The first will be THIS Thursday (yes, a Thursday!) at the M. M. Ewing Center of Thompson Hospital from 9-3 AND at LeTourneau Christian Conference Center on Friday and Saturday (come to a GREAT ladies’ conference AND do a little Christmas shopping)!  Both of these events will be held in Canandaigua, New York.

In Farm news, riding lessons are on Tuesdays, and the weather was fairly pleasant for Anna and myself.  Had a great lesson, took her back to the barn,  removed her tack, put a cooling sheet on her, and in the fifteen minutes it took to do that and put Pixie’s bridle on, there was a flurry of snow and wind.  Pixie and I got the flying flakes in our mouths and up our noses!  Despite the exciting weather and her reaction to it, we had a very productive lesson–well done girls, I am so proud of all of our progress!  I especially thank our ever-patient trainer Anne–you are the BEST!!

Now time to move a little manure!