Two Days to Go!

Two more days until we are at the Great New York State Fair!  Did I say Great, no it’s GREAAAAAT!  Still have a couple of items to take on Thursday, so I am a busy little bee today and tomorrow!  Good thing it is supposed to rain tomorrow, otherwise I would rather be outside.  On the other hand, that means I have to get the lawn mowed TODAY as there won’t be another chance to until after Labor Day!

On a more personal note, I would like to wish my favorite (I only have and only ever have had ONE), cutie patootie, honey bunny, super splendiferous husband of mine a slightly belated HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!  Twenty eight years ago on the 16th of August, I said “I DO” for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, for better or worse (actually I guess I was so nervous the word “better” didn’t come out of my mouth!), ’til death us do part.  We have had peaks and troughs, but God never ever said marriage was going to be a Bavarian cream-filled donut!  It requires time, effort, patience, respect and molding YOURSELF into the person you want your mate to be like.  In other words, your mate is not around to make YOU happy, but working together, there can be incredible joy!  And I must say this, it just keeps getting better!  I LOVE YOU darling David!

See you at the Fair!