We are Adopting a Little Valentine!

Happy Valentine’s Day all!

A client gently informed me that I still had the end-of-the-year sale up on our blog (is this a blog?), and yes, I should have put something up much sooner.  My apologies.

So what have we been up to in the Jackson household since New Year’s?  Searching for a new brother for our doggie daughter Eithne Louise.  After losing her big brother Becket in October, hubby David and I are ready to adopt a new puppy.  Let me tell you, going through a pet rescue is much like adopting a human baby.  I had to fill out paperwork, provide three references, our veterinarian’s name and number, go through a phone interview, and surprise!–we were approved!

We had been looking at Petfinder.com for about a month and saw several adorable candidates, all of which have since been adopted I am happy to say.  One was even on hubby’s favorite site Adventurerider.com.  The pup we saw and originally applied for unbeknownst to us had siblings and the long and short of it is, we are adopting the littlest brother (we have a soft spot for the cuddly runt).

He’s a Southern gent coming to us from Memphis, and we are so looking forward to meeting him.  Eithne Louise and I went to Petco Friday and bought him a collar (like hers), a squeaky shark, a Kong, and an ID tag.  As it will be mighty chilly (winter hit us this weekend in a REALLY extreme way–high of 1 today!), we will have a nice warm and fuzzy fleece blanket to wrap him in when we meet his transport on Sunday evening.

Received a recent photo of him, but will share photos and his name (and no, it is not Elvis!) once he is safe in his new home.  I do want to send a tremendous thank you to Kit, Debbie, Desta, Ashley, Marley, and Terri for making this a most wonderful Valentine’s Day for David and me!  We cannot wait to hold our little Valentine in our arms (so does Eithne, though she doesn’t know it yet and of course, the cats are in for a big surprise, as well!)

Wishing you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day!









Image courtesy of Ohmega 1982 at FreeDigitalPhotos.net