Where Will We Be in the Weeks to Come?

Time REALLY does fly, doesn’t it?  Just three and a half weeks ago we were in Ithaca and soon it will be November!

Now, mind you I haven’t been just hanging around.  Our VERY large manure pile is nearly gone (one day alone, we spread over 22 loads (that’s 1100 bushels of horse poo)!  One hundred tons of sand was placed in an area of one of our pastures in order that my darling mares (girl horses for those of you who are not familiar with the species) wouldn’t have to slip on wet, dewy grass.  My darling husband was too wonderful to spread all five HUGE piles of sand, and I am happy to note that both girls are thoroughly enjoying the much improved footing.  Also teaching chemistry to a lovely group of students, AND last, but not least have been making soap to get through the end of the year!

Speaking of which, did I mention I am a bit of a “scary” soap maker?  You may ask,  “What on earth, do you mean Lorraine?!”  Sometimes when I see a new technique, I absolutely LOVE it, but am incredibly intimidated to trying it out!  It has taken me TWO years to FINALLY bite the proverbial bullet, but I did it.  I made another soap “cake.”  This one in autumn colors and fragranced with orange clove.  I hope you will love it!

Now, we come to the topic of this week’s message: where will we be?  Here’s the list:

Saturday, 15 November in Penn Yan at the Methodist Church AND the Three Bears Open House in Ovid from 9-3 (hubby David will be in Penn Yan and I will be in Ovid)

Saturday, 22 November in Bloomfield at the elementary school for the Christmas Fair from 9-3

Thursday, 4 December in Canandaigua at the M.M. Ewing Center (part of Thompson Hospital) from 9-3

Still having soap classes (give us a call if you are interested in taking one or if you have a larger group, I may be able to come to you).  Big, BIG news is we will be partaking in a SECOND Blind Dog Rescue Alliance fundraiser starting the first of November).  We are upping the challenge–stay tuned for details!

Enjoy the autumn crispness and please stay dry this wet afternoon (and week?)

Many blessings,