WOW! Can It Be the End of Week Two of Juicing?!

Evening all!

Been pretty busy the past few days, so by the time I think about posting, it’s time for bed (like right now)! Had a couple of hiccups the past few days, but nothing like wanting junk food or chocolate (not that all chocolate is junk food–I love the dark variety). Rather, it was nuts–almonds, pistachios, sunflower or pumpkin seeds and cheese! I gave in slightly to the craving and kept on moving. And do I mean moving–more lawn to mow, walking and walk/running every day, used hubby David’s circular saw (never used one before) and got down to cutting the boards for the long-dreamt of, but never started, raised-bed, square-foot gardens.

Bought a small number of pansies and snapdragons, as well as all that lovely veg I have been drinking for the past fourteen days! David helped me set up the first section of the beds–a cross with 21 squares to put a strawberry plant in each. God willing, we will have Jewel strawberries next year–WITHOUT any pesticides!

Nearly completed some new-styled bath bombs/fizzies and a batch of regular ones this evening. So, tomorrow is the start of another fortnight of juicing. I plan on sticking to Jason Vale’s plan to the letter. I pray God will give me the strength. I am sure He will because this is such a great way to reboot one’s system. I never feel deprived or hungry. I may be consuming less, but what IS going in is so packed in nutrients, it’s just AMAZING!

Hubby has to get up WAY early in the morning, so I will close for now.

Have a blessed evening!